A friendly boutique hotel offering
the best value for money

Moka Hôtel, a new responsible brand made in Brittany

« With this first hotel in Lorient, we invite you to take a trip in a warm and trendy setting. Local, organic products, quality materials, a skilled team and affordable prices are the pillars of our business. Moka is a friendly boutique hotel offering the best value for money.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home! »

Richard MORAND

Café d'exception

Eco friendly

Ethical actions are our priorities and this is why all the materials and furniture are eco-friendly, French and European. MOKA Hotel is a responsible company, environmentally conscious and caring about the impact we all have on the planet.

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Breakfast is served between 6.45 am to 10.00 am during the week and between 8.00 am to 10.30 am, the week-end and public holidays. You will find:
Hot drinks (tea, exceptional coffee, Van Houten hot chocolate); Choice of organic fruit juice, organic yoghurt, cereals and fruits; Special (French) bread, butter, jam and croissants from the bakery & Local pastry

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